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First Quality Rental Equipment

Maintained in top condition by our factory-trained staff of service specialists and ready for immediate pick-up. We can supply you with your tools or equipment requirements from our extensive inventory without delay or at the most, next-day delivery.

Naturally, when you rent A Rent-All Center equipment, it should be returned in the same condition less, of course, normal, on-the-job wear. If excessive repairs or cleanings are required, we reserve the right to make additional charges. All rentals are made subject to prior disposition; rates do not include sales or use taxes.

All Rates Are Plus Fuel.

Terms and Conditions

  • The lessee agrees that the rates provided are considered straight time rates based on eight (8) hours per day, five (5) days per week, or twenty (20) days in any one twenty-eight (28) consecutive day period.
  • Rental equipment is being delivered in proper working condition and the lessor agrees to render mechanical service at no charge only for repairs and adjustments due to normal wear and tear and only during the lessor’s normal working hours.
  • The rental period shall begin on and include the date of bill of lading of shipment to the lessee and shall end on and including the date of return to the lessor’s receiving point. Both local and out-of-town rentals are subject to the minimum rental period. If equipment is kept longer than the specified minimum rental period, the rental will then be invoiced on a pro-rata basis.
  • The lessee further agrees to protect the lessor with full insurance coverage and to protect the lessor for public liability insurance for coverage to the limits of the State laws in which the equipment leased is being used.
  • On all equipment rentals which are supplied with pneumatic tires the repair of said tires shall be the sole responsibility of the lessee, except in such cases where the tire shall be adjudged defective by the manufacturer. The lessor under no circumstances assumes any responsibility for the repair, replacement or adjustment of said tires, regardless of the circumstances involved.
  • The title to the property herein leased and to all replacements thereof or substitution thereof is and shall remain in the lessor.
  • The lessee will indemnify, defend and save the lessor harmless from all loss and expense arising from the operation of lessor’s equipment in the performance of work for lessee and while under the direction, supervision and control of lessee.
  • Due to conditions, rates may change at any time without notice. Some rates may vary depending on geographic area. Periodically special reduced rates will apply to particular items. Therefore all rates should be confirmed with our office to insure that you have the correct current rates of any item.
  • Rental rates subject to change without notice.

Call today and experience first-hand the many benefits offered by A Rent-All Center.